Manufacturing Integration with FCTR

Manufacturing Integration

Fact Sheet | 4 Pages

FCTR allows you to benefit from an SAP-integrated NC program management with a consistent tool library that is connected to all NC systems. All relevant data is centrally mapped and managed in one system.


CAM Integration to Factory Control Center

CAM Integration with FCTR

Fact Sheet | 4 Pages

With FCTR, a consistent data management is just as easy as a walk in the park – thanks to the seamless integration of CAM systems and NC programs from the shop floor into SAP. This includes the creation of the CAM and NC documents, their assignment to the routing, creation in the authoring tool, and usage in Manufacturing.


DSC DIN Mitgliedschaft

DSC: Creating Standards for Tools and Clamping Devices

DSC Software AG has been a member of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) since March 2020.

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Tool Data Management

Tool Data Management with FCTR

Fact Sheet | 4 Pages

From managing tool components and complete tools with all characteristics and CAD models to typical TDM functions – FCTR provides all functions of a Tool Data Management system directly in SAP.


Integrated Engineering and Manufacturing Webcast

Factory Control Center | FCTR

Webcast Integrated Production Planning

Factory Control Center | FCTR – integrates CAM, tool library, and manufacturing planning into the SAP-based product development process, and connects shop floor systems. Whether it is about tool presetters, warehouse lifts, or CNC machines – everything can be managed in the SAP system.

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