Effective and SAP-integrated Manufacturing Planning with Factory Control Center | FCTR

Smarte Fertigungsprozesse in SAP
Manufacturing Planning with Factory Control Center | FCTR

Seamless Handover from Product Development to Manufacturing

Factory Control Center | FCTR supports manufacturing planning with a seamless data flow between Product Development and Manufacturing.

The starting point is the release of product data, such as CAD models, drawings, bills of materials, etc. Subsequently, the tool data and NC data are generated to provide all the information required for the manufacturing process. Based on the control mechanisms of the SAP planning processes, it is ensured that all data, tools, and other operating resources are available on time, at the right machine.

It is very convenient to have all these steps carried out by an automated process, fully integrated in SAP. Because of this, Manufacturing Planning can be certain to access the most recent data at any time. In addition, there is process security and transparency for all involved parties.

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Acceleration of the overall process from CAD release to start of production (Time to Chip)
  • Seamless data flow between Product Development and Manufacturing
  • Optimized process security and increased transparency
  • Reduction of machine downtimes
  • Cost savings
Mechanical CAD-Integration | MCAD

Smart Processes for Manufacturing Planning

Factory Control Center | FCTR allows the mapping of a product’s complete manufacturing process. FCTR enables all related steps to be organized in a clear and transparent way, including SAP routings and the corresponding routing operations. 

Mechanical CAD-Integration | MCAD

Effective Integration of CAM into SAP

Factory Control Center | FCTR enables not only the integration of CAM systems for different manufacturing technologies such as cutting, welding, and tacking into SAP but also provides engineers with an intuitive user interface for their daily work.

Mechanical CAD-Integration | MCAD

Management of Tools and Operating Resources Fully Integrated in SAP

Factory Control Center | FCTR allows mapping the complete tool management in SAP. It is possible to classify single and complete tools, as well as measuring devices and operating resources in compliance with the relevant standards – including bills of materials, 2D / 3D geometries, cutting data and principle images.

Manufacturing Integration with FCTR

Manufacturing Integration

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FCTR allows you to benefit from an SAP-integrated NC program management with a consistent tool library that is connected to all NC systems. All relevant data is centrally mapped and managed in one system.


CAM Integration to Factory Control Center

CAM Integration with FCTR

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With FCTR, a consistent data management is just as easy as a walk in the park – thanks to the seamless integration of CAM systems and NC programs from the shop floor into SAP. This includes the creation of the CAM and NC documents, their assignment to the routing, creation in the authoring tool, and usage in Manufacturing.