Smart Manufacturing Processes in SAP with Factory Control Center | FCTR

Smart Manufacturing Processes in SAP
with Factory Control Center | FCTR

Smarte Fertigungsprozesse in SAP
Factory Control Center - smart production processes in SAP
What is Factory Control Center | FCTR?

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FCTR for Manufacturing Planning

FCTR for
Manufacturing Planning

Seamless handover from Product Development to Manufacturing. Factory Control Center | FCTR supports manufacturing planning with a seamless data flow. Based on the control mechanisms of the SAP planning processes, it is ensured that all data, tools, and other operating resources are available on time, at the right machine.

Factory Control Center | FCTR for Shopfloor

FCTR for
Shop Floor

Factory Control Center | FCTR enables the management and provision of production resources, such as tools, fixtures, measuring and test equipment, in SAP. During stocking and withdrawal, the inventory data of parts is automatically managed and updated in the SAP system.

Digitalization of Manufacturing - fully integrated in SAP

Digitalize your manufacturing
– Fully integrated in SAP

The challenges for manufacturing are more complex than ever: Global competition, short innovation cycles, and a rapid time to market. In addition, there are dispersed production sites and the customers’ demands for maximum quality of highly configurable products. Our holistic solutions for the digitalization and optimization of your manufacturing in SAP support you by meeting these challenges.

The use of digital data turns industrial processes upside down – as the mega trend of digitalization does not stop short of manufacturing. Nevertheless, insular solutions are still reality in many companies.

In particular, the handover from Engineering to Manufacturing is a challenge for some companies, as this is where several systems, data, and processes collide. This heterogeneous landscape complicates achieving consistent and flawless processes, as well as approaches for standardization. A manufacturing solution integrated into SAP is a powerful resource for meeting these challenges.

Consistent data and processes in SAP

ONE System – SAP
– for consistent data and processes

Design manufacturing processes effectively and standardized

Effectively designing manufacturing processes in a standardized way – with Factory Control Center | FCTR

FCTR integrates CAM systems, manages all tool data within SAP, and integrates manufacturing planning into the SAP-aided product development process. Shop floor systems, such as tool presetters, warehouse lifts, and CNC machines are also integrated and receive the relevant data automatically from the SAP system.

Thus, subsequent processes such as the assessment of tool requirements or the provision of NC programs and compensation data for tool presetters can be managed consistently in SAP. FCTR is based on SAP standard objects, such as documents, material masters, bills of material, as well as equipment, routings, production resources, etc. and supports all order-related processes within manufacturing.

All relevant data is managed centrally in one system and is automatically provided, where it is needed.

The new FCTR Customer Influence Program

Users of Factory Control Center | FCTR are now able to contribute their own ideas and suggestions for future innovations to actively shape further product development. Thanks to an innovative communication platform, the new FCTR Customer Influence Program creates ideal conditions for communicating with FCTR experts.

FCTR Customer Influence Program

Tangible Smart Factory

SAP Engineering Control Center
SAP Engineering Control Center Logo White >

SAP Engineering Control Center
– the Basis for
Factory Control Center

With our solution SAP Engineering Control Center | SAP ECTR, as an SAP Platinum Partner, we provide an innovative PLM environment for the optimization of your product development processes. Thereby, we provide, among other things, a standard integration platform for technical applications, as well as a user-friendly interface for engineers.

SAP ECTR serves as the technological basis for FCTR. With FCTR, the scope of functions of SAP ECTR is enhanced with respect to manufacturing. Hence, it closes the gap between product development and manufacturing by directly integrating relevant processes, such as Tool Data Management, CAM, Tool Lifecycle Management, and DNC into the existing SAP system.

Advantages of Factory Control Center

Virtues of Factory Control Center

All Data and Processes in ONE System – SAP

  • Central Tool Data Management | TDM in SAP
  • Integration of CAM systems into SAP
  • Central Tool Lifecycle Management | TLM in SAP
  • Provision of all relevant NC data, such as NC programs, setup sheets, clamping plans, etc. for NC machines directly from the SAP system